Berry Blackcurrant cheesecake

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Berry Good drinkable cheesecake desert!

A creative Chef, Simon Rodgers from UHI came to us at Dornoch Show with a fabulous idea for a drinkable desert using our Berry Blackcurrant Vodka! It was DELICIOUS!!!

Ingredients :drinkabledesert

6-8 ice cubes
1tbsp Mascarpone cheese
1tbsp Philadelphia cheese
20ml Elderflower cordial (we used Knockfarrel Produce own label)
50ml Berry Good Blackcurrant Vodka
Handful of fresh Blackcurrants
50-100ml of sugar syrup (half and half sugar+water)
Crushed Digestive biscuits to top drink

Method :

Place the ice in a blender and pulse until crushed add all other ingredients and blend until smooth add extra of any you desire more of.

Serve immediately in tall slim glasses and finish with crushed digestives and a straw.

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