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  1. At last the sun shone on our last few events.  Think the weather ecouraged everyone out as every event we had this past week was incredibly busy.  A massive thank you to Sheena, Shona and Helen S for running the stands across the Highlands of Scotland which covered Nairn, Muir of Ord, Moy Hall and Orkney.  Our facebook page has some photos of the events and the lovely Island of Orkney. FB: sogooditsberrygood

    I'm afraid our Limoncello is sold out again but it wont be long until the next batch it ready I promise. Now to unpack everything and sort the stock room.

    Our new Cocktail Bucket proved very popular!  Orcadian tradition is a hand made wooden bucket called a cog which is a warm drink made from a secret recipe served to celebrate the joining of two families at weddings.  Our new bucket is a lovely tin pail which could be used to celebrate the appearance of the sun!

    Enjoy your purchases and thank you to our existing and new customers.

    Team BG

  2. There's always one week where it is pretty hectic at HQ and this is the week!

    We had a fabulous day at Nairn Show, winning a beautiful rosette and certificate for Best Stand outwith Nairnshire in the Food & Drink Hall!

    Had quite a funny moment setting up the stand with a new banner which was supposed to be about 10ft in height - it was 20ft! Hopefully the company will get it sorted this week and we can use the new banner for our next few events.

    So where will you be this week? We're most definately on tour covering Highlands & Islands. First stop is the Black Isle Show on Wednesday evening and Thursday. Friday and Saturday we're at the Highland Game Fair, Moy Hall and our annual overseas event, Orkney Show.

    Black Isle Show 2015


    Moy Game Fair



  3. Sutherland 2015 Show

    Super day had at the show, great to meet our old and new customers.  We were featured in the Burghfield Food & Drink demonstrations again with a drinkable dessert.  Crannachan was made using our Really Raspberry Vodka, Talisker whisky, cream, toasted oats, ice and fresh rasps - all blended together and topped with toasted oats! I can assure you it was deeeelishhh!

  4. A really big thanks to all who braved the gutters at Caithness County Show 2015!

    So many of you commented how well the committee had done in going ahead and that they look forward to the show each year.  The committee have perhaps set the bar very high for subsequent show organisers now to go-ahead or not.  So many of the rural shows, quite rightly, focus and are run around the argicultural sector with many putting months of preparation work in to their animals for competition on the day - like wise with rural businesses.  Although some may trade throughout the UK there's nothing like local support and I really appreciated seeing many regulars with their wellie boots on!

    Team BG